Thurmond/Clarks Hill Lake #305


Lake Thurmond / Clarks Hill 305 Waterproof Lake Map
One Sided Portrait

Thurmond/Clarks Hill Lake #305


Strom Thurmond/Clarks Hill Lake, On the border of South Carolina and Georgia.
One-sided 24″x36″ Map.¬†Waterproof & Tear Resistant!

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Lake Thurmond is a huge 70,000 acre with a shoreline of 1,200 miles reservoir built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dwarfs most other lakes in South Carolina with the exception of the Santee Cooper Lakes. Lake Thurmond, formerly known as Clarks Hill Reservoir, is the third lake in a chain of lakes built by the U.S. Corps of Engineers on the Savannah River near North Augusta, SC and Augusta Georgia.

Lake Thurmond is truly a great fishing lake. The stripers here grow to enormous size, and the lake once held the state record for a striped bass over 50 lbs. Largemouth bass also grow very large here. Sometimes you can see the big bass just cruising the shoreline. But beware, there are plenty of giant bass here that qualify to be “the one that got away.”