Pickwick Lake #110


Pickwick Lake Waterproof Lake Map 110
One Sided Landscape

Pickwick Lake #110


Pickwick Lake, 24″ x 36″, One-sided, Waterproof and Tear Resistant Map.

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Pickwick Lake, AL, 24″x36″. One-sided. Waterproof and Tear Resistant! A colorful lake structure. Although the Pickwick Landing Dam, which impounds the waters of the Tennessee River to make Pickwick Lake, is located in Tennessee, the Lake is most commonly associated with the state of Alabama. The waters of Pickwick Lake also flow through the state of Mississippi. At over 50 miles in length, Pickwick is relatively long and covering around 45,000 surface acres, it is relatively narrow. The normal high water level of Pickwick Lake is just over 400 feet above sea level. Home to Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass and Smallmouth Bass. Pickwick Lake is nationally renowned for its smallmouth bass fishery.

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