North Chattahoochee River #307


Upper Chattahoochee Waterproof Lake Map 307
Upper Chattahoochee Back Map 307 Waterproof Lake Map

North Chattahoochee River #307


Upper Chattahoochee River
2-sided 24″x36″ Map
Waterproof & Tear Resistant!

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In its upper region, within Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest and the Blue Ridge Mountains the Chattahoochee River runs swiftly through coarse stream beds and riffling pools. As the River gains momentum it flows in a southwesterly arch through north and middle Georgia before it makes a dramatic turn to the south right at the border of Georgia and Alabama. From here it flows along Alabama’s boundary for 160 miles, until reaching the southeastern most corner of the state and flowing into Florida. In this section, the river can be as wide as 35 miles across.

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